Performing Companies


Prep Squad(LG)/Minis(SV)

This is an invitational program for 5 – 6 year olds. Students attend 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours of class per week, learn a competition dance routine, perform at community events with our other students, attend a dance convention, and in the Spring they compete the routine that they learned.  It’s a fantastic exposure to a higher level of commitment to dance, and the group has a great time together in classes and at competition.

Performing Company

This group is a team of dancers age 6 and up who attend classes at least 4 hours per week, perform at various community events, compete several times throughout the year and attend at least one dance convention. Auditions for this group are held each May/June.

For more information on our performing company, check out our performing company overview.

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