Exciting Master Classes coming to Los Gatos!

This Sunday, Aug. 20th, Amanda Marquez Latin Jazz Master Classes.  Check our Master Class schedule.  10am: 7-11 yrs.; 11:30am: 12-up.    Amanda has been a member of Sekou McMiller’s group in NYC. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=amanda+marquez%2C+latin+jazz#id=1&vid=992f781b7cc15ed8cea0c608df658052&action=click

Next Sunday, Aug. 27th, Chehon Contemporary Master Class.  11-up, 10am-noon.

School Year Schedule is LIVE!

REGISTER NOW for our next dance season.  We will begin on August 14th.  New tuition rates apply:

HOURS 2017/4wks
0.5 72
2 x .5 140
0.75 76
2 x .75 148

1 80
1.5 114
2 144
2.5 175
3 204
3.5 231
4 256
4.5 279
5 300
5.5 319
6 336

Show Ticket Link Here



Use this link to connect to our online ticket sales.  Please read carefully when you get to the Shovation ticket website, so you are sure to buy for the correct show!

June 9th, LG PC Showcase at Saratoga HS McAfee Theater, Ticket Sales begin 5/19, 8am

June 9th & 10th, DacPac Concert “And Still We Remain”, Cubberley Theater

June 10th, SV PC Showcase at Cubberley Theater

June 23rd & 24th, our SV Big Show “A Series of unFortunate Dances”, Ticket Sales begin 5/22, 8am

NUVO Congratulations!! Big Weekend in Santa Clara

Dance Attack! receives a “Well Rounded Studio” award from NUVO.  We also had several routines ranked in the Overalls:  1st Mini Group, Heartbreaker; 3rd Mini Group, YALA; 6th Mini Solo, Luke Barrett; 2nd Mini Duo, Luke & Nikki Witana; 3rd Junior Group, Into the Hills; Lyrical High Point, Dream; 9th Junior Solo tie, Ava LaFrance, Nikki Witana; 10th Junior Solo, Ava DeCristofaro; 2nd Teen Line, Slippery Slope; 9th Teen Solo tie, Camille Fehr, Rachel Hamid; 5th Senior Solo, Rachel Hsin.

Our Breakout Artist winner: Luke Barrett

Breakout Artist runner-ups: Madison Acosta, Sophia Johst, Audrey LaFrance, Madison Lieu, Selin Kocalar, Ava LaFrance, Nikki Witana, Cassie Brown, Camille Fehr, Michelle Huang, Lindsey Salkeld, Stella vonBorck, Peyton Dillehay.

In addition we had many students honored as “Standouts” in specific subjects.  Musical Theater, Katelynne Rowan; Tap, Kaitlyn Ellis, Kaylee Feierfeil, Mikayla Nagy, Samantha Schmidt; Jazz, Sophia Brown, Ava DeCristofaro, Rachel Hamid, Mia Kronik, Jessica Lew, Mieko Oda, Keiko Watanabe; Ballet, Hannah Buckingham, Emily Feierfeil, Abby Kronik, Kiera Meighan, Kendall Pangburn, Gabrielle Pruett.

Our Judges Choice Awards: Studio Pick: From The Top; Best NU Group: Heartbreaker, Into the Hills, From the Top.

AS YOU CAN SEE, BIG WEEKEND!!   So proud of all our dancers.

LADM 5 Diamond Studio Award

We are so honored to receive the LADM 5 Diamond Studio Award for our commitment to young dancers and their families.  Congratulations!  to our Magic Performer, Samara Jackson.  We also had several scholarship finalists with Samantha Schmidt, Ava La France and Audrey La France winning scholarships.  “Walking on Sunshine” received a Judges Choice award and 3rd Overall Jr. Prep Lines.  “The Basement“(1st), “Tell Me Why“(2nd) and “Go Hard“(2nd) all made it into the overalls.  “Fabulous” took 1st Overall with a Double Platinum award!!  Nice work dancers!!