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Dance Attack! Los Gatos Big Show Survival Guide

“South of The Border”
McAfee Performing Arts
20300 Herriman Ave – Saratogo, 95070
Tuesday June 19th  Show Time 7pm
Wednesday June 20h – Show Time 7pm

Tickets on Sale Now!  Click here for tickets!

Go to Shovation.com. The show is basically same both nights, although your dancer may be performing on only one of the nights. Tickets are reserved seating.  
Reserved Regular Seating – $25
Reserved “Golden Circle” Seating – $30
June 19 &20 tickets will be available at the door 1 hour before the show.
Reserved Regular Seating – $30
Reserved “Golden Circle” Seating – $35

Show DVDs – We are having the show professionally recorded. The cost will be $35 for pre-orders, $40 for late orders. Order forms are included in this packet. Please submit to the front desk no later than July 25th to receive the pre-order discount.

  Costumes – Be sure you have the correct tights, shoes, and accessories! We will have a supply of tights available at the front desk. Label ALL your belongings.

   Make-Up – Remember, this is stage, not social make-up. Dancers will be under very bright lights. Make-up needs to be heavy enough so they don’t look washed out( it can look like you have no face!) All make-up should be done at home. Parent helpers will only do touch-ups at the theater. Girls wear foundation (to keep make-up from running under the lights), blush, brown eye shadow, mascara and/or eyeliner, and red lipstick (no pink). 

Optional for boys: wear foundation, very light blush, a dot of read color on the lips.

Hair – Teachers have already discussed this their classes and it is on your class specific sheet. Dance Attack’s rule of thumb is keep your hair out of your eyes!

Nutrition – Performers should carbo load the night or morning before the show. Feed your dancer pasta and some protein. Keep candy and junky sugar treats away for a few days prior to the show. Sugar and adrenaline will cause irritable dancers. Fruit veggies, and lots of water are recommended. Dill pickles are good for kids who sweat a lot (it helps keep salt in the body). Try to get them to bed early. 

There is no food allowed backstage, so make sure your dancers eat well before the show. Bottled water is okay.

Thursday 6/14 – Last day of classes
Friday 6/15 – 4pm, Act I run-through rehearsal at studio, NO COSTUMES
Friday 6/15 – 6pm, Act II run-through rehearsal at studio. NO COSTUMES

No combo classes need to attend these run-through rehearsals. Dancers wear dance clothes and dance shoes. Bring as little extra stuff as possible. Parents please drop off  your dancer.

Saturday 6/16 – Picture Day is here at the studio. Pre-order envelopes will be available at the front desk soon. Please fill out the envelope before you arrive for picture day. The photographer accepts cash, MC/VISA, or checks payable to “Memory Makers”. We want all students in photos, even if you don’t plan to purchase. 
Please arrive 15 minutes before your picture time already dressed in costume. This is a good day to practice your hairstyle for the big show. Only light make up is needed for pictures. Younger students may prefer to wear no 

make-up or just a light lip color or gloss.

Monday 6/18– Act II dress rehearsal @ McAfee Performing Arts 6:30pm

Tuesday 6/19 – Act I dress rehearsal @ 

McAfee Performing Arts 10am

Our backstage will be crowded. Parents will check-in and out their dancer with the backstage helper.  Parents can wait in the audience during dress rehearsal once you drop off your dancer. ONLY one adult per dancer, please. 

Wear your costume to the theater and have hair done. No make-up necessary. If you are in more than one routine, wear your first costume and bring the others in a garment bag. 

Label ALL costume pieces with you name. 

Parent helpers please arrive at McAfee 15 minutes prior to your Act’s dress rehearsal and show call time. Parent helpers will be with the classes while they are in the theater for their dress rehearsal. An information sheet will be given to you prior to dress rehearsal. Sign up sheet will be up next week.

Drop Off – Parents will drop off your dancer with the parent helper assigned to your class. Dancers are to be signed-in by parents. 

Pick Up– You can pick up your dancers at intermission if in Act I and at end of the show if in Act II. For the safety of your dancer and the courtesy of the other audience members, we will not release dancers until the end of each Act. Parents will need to sign-out your dancer with the parent helper. Please only one parent to pick up the dancer in the dressing room. The dressing rooms can get crowded. 

Calling all Dads. Sign up to perform at our Big Show with your dancer. This is always a highlight of our show. The Dads dance will perform in the beginning of Act II both nights.

*Please note there will be NO photography or video of any kind allowed in the theater. This includes using your phone or tablet to take pictures or video.


Dance Attack Studios provides quality dance instruction in Sunnyvale, CA and Los Gatos, CA. We are proud to be a dance studio recognized for many years as a local “Best of the Best” for dance classes. We offer a range of dance programs for students of all ages including: ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, and breaking. We accommodate students of all skill levels and those with special needs, including teens and adults with developmental disabilities and individuals in wheelchairs.

Due to the size of our school, we are able to offer students and their families a wide variety of dance classes. Our dance instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and are able to teach what they love and do best. In addition, we work with each student to make sure they are paired with a teacher that matches their personality and learning style.

From our Tiny Tots Program to our Youth Performing Companies and DAC PAC program, our goal is to develop and enhance our students’ love of dance in a positive and encouraging environment. Whether your child is looking to dance competitively or recreationally, we have the classes and instruction they need to develop motor skills, discipline and technique.

Dance Attack!  offers classes for ages 2.5 to adult


A little about our studio:

  • Our Combo Program is designed for students aged two and a half through eight years old. Combo is an age specific class that includes tap, jazz ans some ballet. These classes give the children a fantastic base and exposure to different types of dance. We have found that this “combination” technique helps to keep the kids excited, interested, and focused for the entire class. The ideal pathway is to enter with the two, three or four year old program and then graduate to our more advanced combo classes:
    • 5.5 -7.5 yr. old combo class
    • 5.5-7.5 yr. level 1b combo class
    • 6-8 yr. level 2 combo class
  • Once students are 7 or 8 years old and are taking the 6-8 year old level 2 class, we  recommend adding a 6-9 yr. Ballet 1 class for students interested in Performing Company auditions.
  • We also offer beginning classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop for ages 8 years old and older.  Look for our popular “Kickstarter” program for beginning teenagers. 
  • We produce a Big Show every other year for all dancers in a five and a half year old class and older.   This event is held at a theater with more elaborate costumes and assign seating tickets. A great way to showcase what the dancers have been working on through out the year. 
  • For all three and a half year old classes through our six to nine year old classes, we offer an Ice Cream Concert every year.  This is a more low key event held at the studio; a chance for family and friends to come support young dancers at the end of the season. It also gives the dancers the experience to perform in front of an audience which builds confidence. 
  • The Performing Company is a group that performs at community events and participates in nationally recognized dance competitions and conventions.  If your dancer realizes that dance is their preferred activity, the Performing Company may be for you.
  • Many dancers are involved in other sports, music or theater activities.  We offer a full program for these dancers who want to continue enjoying dance on a once or twice a week program.  

For more information about our dance programs please contact us today at 408-356-6456 to reach our Los Gatos dance studio or 408-245-5432 to reach our Sunnyvale studio.

Please explore our website for more information about tuition and class schedules. To receive additional information, please email us at info@danceattack.com We look forward to hearing from you!